go|ing1 [ˈgəuıŋ US ˈgou-] n [U]
1.) the difficulty or speed with which something is done
hard/rough/slow etc going
I'm getting the work done, but it's slow going.
good going/not bad going
We climbed the mountain in three hours, which wasn't bad going.
2.) the act of leaving a place
His going will be no great loss to the company.
3.) heavy going
if a book, play etc is heavy going, it is boring and difficult to understand
4.) while the going's good
spoken if you suggest doing something while the going's good, you think it should be done before it becomes difficult or impossible
Let's leave while the going's good.
5.) when the going gets tough, the tough get going
when the conditions become difficult, strong people begin to do something in a determined way
6.) the going
BrE the condition of the ground, especially for a horse race
comings and goings atcoming1 (2)
going 2
going2 adj
1.) the going rate/price/salary etc
the usual amount you pay or receive as payment for something
the going rate/price/salary etc for
Thirty dollars an hour is the going rate for a math tutor.
2.) the biggest/best/nicest etc sth going
the biggest, best etc of a particular thing
It's some of the best beer going.
3.) [not before noun] BrE informal available
Are there any jobs going where you work?
4.) have a lot going for you
to have many advantages and good qualities that will bring success
Stop being so depressed. You have a lot going for you.
5.) a going concern
a business which is making a profit and is expected to continue to do so
6.) also -going
used after words such as cinema and theatre to form adjectives that describe people who regularly go to the cinema, theatre etc
the cinema-going public

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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